Labor’s Plan For More Renewables And Cheaper Power

Federal Labor has outlined our plan to fix the Liberals’ energy crisis and deliver more renewable energy and cheaper power for Australians.

Labor’s plan will be good for households, good for the economy and good for the environment.

Australia is in an energy crisis under the Liberals.

Power bills are out of control, pollution is rising and the Liberals haven’t been able to agree on an energy policy for five years. They are divided and out of touch on energy and climate change.

Scott Morrison supports privatising electricity assets and he opposes a 50 per cent renewable energy target. The Liberals aren’t up to leading the country in the right direction.

Our preference is for bi-partisanship on energy and climate policy.

That’s why the National Energy Guarantee should stay on the table. But while we will work with the Liberals, we won’t wait for them.

Labor’s plan for more renewables and cheaper power includes:

  • Investing in renewable energy – delivering 50% of power from renewables by 2030.
  • Ending the power privatisation mess – stopping incentives to privatise electricity assets.
  • Stopping overcharging by power companies – regulating prices and implementing gas export controls.
  • Future proofing the energy network – with new interconnectors, pipelines and transmission links.
  • Planning the transition to renewables – helping workers and communities as ageing coal plants reach the end of their technical life and are replaced with renewables.

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